Don Griffiths, PhotoArtist | Guestbook
David York(non-registered)
your here there and every where, just checking out your stuff. have a great day...
Lora Lindsey(non-registered)
Just stopped in to see your very professionally done website and your pictures! As always, they are fabulous. Thanks !
Suzi Jakab Owen(non-registered)
Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal...e.joseph cossman
You are achieving that goal and it's fabulous thank you for sharing
Phyllis Freels(non-registered)
It was great talking to you yesterday at POP. Please add me to your mailing list for info on your texture workshop. Your work is amazing and inspiring.
Rene Clark(non-registered)
Some of the most amazing photographic art I have ever seen!
Coach "Lee" Burt(non-registered)

Thanks for the picture from today's party. I will hanging it up very soon. Have a great summer.

Once upon an Image...Delightfully Humble & Unique.
Carry On Don
Linda Dodd(non-registered)
Such amazing work! You are, indeed, an inspiration!
Desree Y. Branson Eakle aka Desimay's Honobia Territory Photographer(non-registered)
What mind blowing creativity!!! You inspire me to look beyond my on imagination. You have a gift that can't be copied. Your ability to form a picture into many pictures is brilliantly!
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