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Natural Florida

In November 2013, I started a Facebook Group called Natural Florida to share the natural beauty of Florida and its wildlife.  While I had seen a few Florida photographers among various photography groups on Facebook so I never expected the size of Natural Florida to grow beyond a few hundred members.  However, I knew that I wanted Bill Chambers and Susan Faulkner Davis to be key members. Both became administrators early on.  As Natural Florida grew in  size, I recruited more administrators.

From the start, artistic expression and creative freedom have been welcomed at Natural Florida.  Therefore, Natural Florida is not a nature photography site as purely defined by the Photographic Society of America.  Rather, it is simply for those who love Florida.  As of this writing in June 2014, Natural Florida has grown to over 6,000 members.  I never dreamed it would become so popular and showcase the work of so many wonderful photographers!  Each weekend at Natural Florida features a different photographic theme, so play some Jimmy Buffett, put on your shorts and flip-flops and take a visual vacation by visiting Natural Florida! 


Following a weekend artistic theme at Natural Florida, photographer Irwin Kaplan suggested that I create another Facebook Group to focus on photographic art.  So, on 29 March 2014, founded the group "PhotoArtists Unleashed!"  to showcase the creativity of both amateur and professional photographers/videographers at all skill levels from around the world.  Both amateur and professional photographers post their images daily.  Administrators are photographers:

America the Beautiful

Our country is so divided right now that I felt inspired to remind people of its beauty.  Landscape, cityscape, waterscape, and patriotic photography is the group focus. 

Joy of Photography

As PhotoArtists moves towards a more artistic direction, I felt is necessary to create a group for general photography with fewer rules and a more general focus.  


Now, if only being a part of these groups resulted in a paycheck.  :)

Create a great day!