Don Griffiths, PhotoArtist | PhotoArt of Don Griffiths
"Photography + Digital Art = PhotoArt"

"Photography + Digital Art = PhotoArt" is the description of my Facebook group, "PhotoArtists!" as well as my direction, my niche. I am continually inspired by the quality of work in "PhotoArtists!" to keep improving, experimenting, exploring.

"PhotoArt" has always existed. In the 1930s William Morentson used pencils to draw on negatives as well as more involved artistic techniques. From the beginning, the non-artists set and controlled the standards for photography while others dared to experiment - mixing photography with other art media such as painting.

The cover of "American Grotesque: The Life and Art of William Mortenson," Ansel Adams is quoted, "For us, Mortenson was the anti-Christ." This may have been more over subject matter than artistry, but it had a powerfully negative impact on "photoartistry" that still exists.

Almost ironically, William Mortensen was described by "Popular Photography" as, "One of the greatest photographers and teachers of photography in the world."

Mortensen's book, co-authored with George Dunham, entitled "The Command to Look" first published in 1937, is still relevant today. In it, Mortensen establishes theory and ideology committed to exercising artistic control over every aspect of producing a photograph.

As for me, I enjoy the freedom that "photoartistry" provides in using a digital texture or commercial digital elements to exercise creativity.