"The Digital Darkroom"
Photoshop is nothing more than the digital darkroom. Many people make statements about an image being straight out of the camera without processing. This is perfectly fine for social media that is never at a higher resolution than 72 pixels per inch. Professional printing is done between 300 and 600 pixels per inch.
So, when preparing a photo for print - you must make tonal adjustments, reduce noise, and sharpen your image for it be that will be viewed at a higher resolution when printing.
A photograph enlarged to print a 24 by 36 inch image is about 400 times larger than photos you see on a computer screen. So, adjustments are a must and "straight out of the camera" means lower image quality for print.
With a workflow that suits me, I can process a regular photograph in about 20 minutes.

Does 20 minutes sound like too much time to you? Ansel Adams spent hours in the chemical dark room of old. I wonder how much time he would spend perfecting an image in Photoshop.